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What our Customers Say...

"LEPL has redifined the living standards for the people of Vijayawada and has given a new look and image to the City itself with world class malls which has top brands and some great entertainment stuff too. As a customer of LEPL's Raintreepark Dwaraka Krishna, I was amused with the type of facilities they have provided, quality of construction with good standards for the gated community. I wish them all the best in their future projetcs and look forward to associte more with the group."
  • Commercial - LEPL ICON

    LEPL Icon is here to change the way Vijayawada spends it leisure time and moments of recreation. It's all set to become a landmark, and also a place liked by the young and old of the city.

  • Commercial - LEPL CENTRO

    Discover the excitement of LEPL Centro, a remarkable shopping experience showcasing Life Style, Reliance Digital, Spar Hyper Market, SVM Bowling. Indulge yourself with a day of shopping, dining and fun at LEPL Centro. If you love shopping, you will love LEPL Centro!

  • Residential - Rain Tree Park

    Raintree Park, the first-of-its-kind township near Vijayawada, is today, buzzing with hectic activity. Located in between Guntur and Vijayawada Cities, Raintree Park changed the sky-line of the area. The surrounding areas owe their high land appreciation to Raintree Park undoubtedly.

  • Residential - The Pinnacle

    Affordably priced Pinnacle represents a quality investment opportunity. Pinnacle comprises, 2 levels of offices out the front facing Doncaster Rd. and 158 residential apartments over 10 levels including 2 Penthouses.

  • Mixed Development - LEPL Lotus Mid valley

    This project is envisioned as an active, regional urban destination that will provide a high intensity mix of uses in a comfortable environment. The community will be a centre for employment, shopping, and entertainment serving local residents as well as residents in other Cities

  • Renewable Energy - Wind

    Wind power, as an alternative to fossil fuels, is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean, produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation and uses little land. Any effects on the environment are generally less problematic than those from other power sources...

  • Renewable Energy - Solar

    The Earth receives 174 petawatts (PW) of incoming solar radiation and with about 300 clear, sunny days in a year, India's theoretical solar power reception, is about 5 Petawatt-hours per year which is far more than current total energy consumption

  • Health Care - AAyush Hospitals

    Aayush Hospitals is a coming together of top NRI Doctors and leading consultants and experienced doctors and healthcare professionals from Vijayawada, backed by the LEPL group. Aayush Hospitals is a 200-bed facility...

  • Aviation - AIR COSTA

    Launching shortly....

  • Education

    LEPL has now initiated the Lingamaneni Educational Academic Foundation "LEAF", a trust to uphold the company's commitment towards spreading quality education across tier II, tier III cities and rural India.

  • Hospitality

    Opening shortly in Vijayawada...